infinate42 (infinate42) wrote in winter_carnival,

Fic: Placed Among those Olympians, Phineas

Title: Placed Among those Olympians, Phineas
Author: infiNate42
Rating/Warning: PG/none
Pairing: Phineas/Gene
Word Count: 300?
Summary: A bit of an in-depth view into Gene's mind during their escapade to the beach.

Hey guys! New here to the community....have been totally drawn in by the stories in here, hands down. Sort of nervous if my writing can even hold a light next to all those other brilliant fics out there...but I'm giving it a shot! Beginner once again, so go easy on the comments? Chill, kick back and relax....take a look :)     

Here's the link to my LJ:
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