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Hello, guys!

I recently read A Separate Peace, and my God is it brilliant! So terribly sad. I cried for hours, but I wouldn't have it any other way. It's not a gratuitous, unnecessary death like Hedwig's in Harry Potter. It makes the story so much better, actually.

I bring you fic! It's hardly much, really. Just a wee 105 words. Probably poorly written and nonsensical, but it's fic nonetheless (Can you tell I have zero confidence in my writing?). Try not to be too hard on me. I'm aware that I'm not a very good writer, no need to remind me. And I certainly won't complain if you decide to stroke my ego. Hopefully I haven't mucked up canon. It never did say Gene never visited Finny's grave, did it? Because that's the complete premise of my story.

Title: Untitled
Author: aemorgans/El Betso (on
Pairing: None (Although you can bet my Gene totally has a thing for Finny--he just chooses not to inform us of that. Sorry fellow Finny/Gene fans. I don't think I have the skill as an author to maneuver them into a situation where they kiss or confess love or something like that. Although I probably could always just write The Beach Scene in more detail. Heh. John Knowles practically wrote the slash for us.)
Rating: G, maybe? If The Lion King is rated G, then this is certainly G as well.
Disclaimer: Ha! Do I look like John Knowles?
Summary: Gene visits his friend's grave

I stand before his grave. I can’t help but feel slightly disgusted, mostly with myself, but a little bit with the grave. He deserves so much better than this. He deserves a mausoleum. He deserves a tomb that rivals Tutankhamen’s or Lorenzo de Medici’s. In fact, he doesn’t even deserve that. He never did deserve this fate. He deserves life, my vivacious friend. In despair I sink to my knees and run my fingers slowly across the place where his name is engraved in the stone. After just kneeling there for a minute I manage to say, “It was you, Finny. It was always you.”

I'm so jealous of all you people that got to read it in school! I would kill for that opportunity, although I'm sure my fellow students might ruin it by bitching about how "terrible" and "boring" it is. Still, we only get to read The Great Gatsby, which isn't bad, although it's not my thing.

I'm so glad to find that we have some sort of a fandom. We're very small, but you guys really do seem awesome. So many classic books simply do not have the fandom they deserve. Really only Jane Austen (mostly Pride and Prejudice, actually), Les Miserables (There are many book fans, but I think it's existence as an actual fandom is due to the musical. I almost with A Separate Peace were the kind of book that would work as an epic musical, just so that we'd get more fans.) and Shakespeare (Because he's Will Freaking Shakespeare. You didn't know Freaking was his middle name, now, did you?) have fandoms to speak of. But I would be happy with just one other person fangirling A Separate Peace, really.

Oh and Finny/Gene? OTP by far. We're like the only fandom that's pretty much 100% dominated by a single pairing. And a slash pairing at that! Although that's mostly John Knowle's fault for only giving us like two female characters (Mrs. Lepellier and Hazel Brewster, who only appeared in the form of a lock of hair). Well there's that and the fact that even if there were hundreds of girls hang ing around Devon Finny and Gene wouldn't noticeGod, I love our boys, don't you?
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